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2N® EasyGate, 2N® SmartGate
Configuration tips & tricks
Can I use 2N® EasyGate like fixed line replacement?
Yes, you can. 2N® EasyGate provides you voice call, fax call, SMS sending and receiving. You can be connected to the internet or you can connect a modem based device. For FAX services use 2N® EasyGate FAX version (special order number).
Can I use 2N® EasyGate with my PBX?
Yes, you can. Connect 2N® EasyGate to a free CO line of your PBX. Configure your PBX in such a manner that GSM outgoing calls are routed to 2N® EasyGate.
Does 2N® EasyGate support CLIP function?
2N® SmartGate is equipped with the FSK–based CLIP function on FXS port. If your telephone or PBX is able to process the caller's ID, you are advised to enable this function on 2N® SmartGate.
1. Run the PCManager, select the language for displaying texts on the right–hand side.
2. Click on the CD–ROM icon for data handling on the left–hand side.
3. Click on the upgrade – if EasyGate is not in its special programming mode, you are invited to switch EasyGate off and on again.
4. The upgrade takes place automatically. Do not switch your PC or EasyGate off during the process of upgrading!



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