2N® Helios IP Vario / Force / Safety / Uni
Configuration tips & tricks
How can I know the IP address, if it is assigned automatically
- Use the Network Scanner included on the 2N Helios IP CD or download it from page of any 2N Helios IP.
- If the Network Scanner can't find 2N Helios IP check the router settings (IP address pool).
- See the manual and make the factory reset.
- If you have 2N Helios IP with firmware 1.15.1 or higher, within first 30 seconds after boot you can press middle quick dial button on right side(2N Helios IP Vario) five times - device will announce its IP address. For 2N Helios IP Force, Safety or Uni it works on first button.
How to install tamper switch to protect 2N® Helios IP against unauthorized entry
This manual is valid for 2N® Helios IP Force and 2N® Helios IP Safety. You can use RFID card reader as well as additional relay to place tamper switch!

Also mind that HW tamper switch can be used in 2N® Helios IP UNI, more info you can find in installation manual of 2N® Helios IP UNI!

Since 2013 will be tamper switch attached to CPU, so you will have possibility to configure function which will be started when activation tamper switch will be done, more info in configuration manual!

How to set up 2N® Helios IP without IP PBX?
2N® Helios IP is capable to make direct IP call so there is no PBX needed.

- to make direct IP call to some extension in network you have to know it's IP address
- to be able to call to 2N® Helios IP you have to know it's IP address as well

How to set direct IP call:

a). go to basic settings and fill in called number in shape: (you can see example on picture below)
i. sip:name@IP address: port
ii. sip:name@IP address
iii. sip:IP address

b). Go to Advanced settings - Miscellaneous and set incoming calls according to you demands – more info about incoming calls is here : Call to Helios IP was established, but there is no voice and video

With these setting is ignored SIP proxy settings and call will be made to IP address that is filled as a number.



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