2N® Netspeaker
Configuration tips & tricks
How to set up Internet Radio
To stream Internet Radio into NetSpeaker units do the following steps:

1. In the Control Panel go to section Sources and choose "Create internet radio"
2. Find yourself a Internet Radio, which you want to listen to. NetSpeaker system supports all Internet Radio links ending with MP3 or M3U extension. If you do not know, where to find these links, have a look into this web database of Internet Radio Links: . For test purpose we may use for example this Internet Radio link
3. Enter the Internet Radio link into the URL field, so it looks like this:

4. Go to section Sessions and create new session
5. Into this session insert created Internet Radio from Source section and add Speakers into Session destinations so you can hear this radio.
6. Click on PLAY button in the session. The internet radio buffers for a few seconds and then it starts playing. At the end your session should look like this:

How to use the output relay
The output relay switches ON when it' NetSpeaker unit is used in active session. The use may be typically to switch on a power amplifier to achieve higher overall output, for example 200W etc.

The function to switch ON and OFF this relay is to be set individually for every NetSpeaker unit in the Control Panel, section Speakers, Click on particular speaker and on the right side under Audio parameter is checkbox "Switch ON relay while transmitting".



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