2N® VoiceBlue Lite
Configuration tips & tricks
How can I change the IP address of 2N® VoiceBlue Lite?
You need to use serial or USB cable. It is not possible to change it remotely via TCP/IP.
How can I route all incoming calls to receptionist or operator?
Go to the GSM incoming group menu and set appropriate GSM group. Then set timeout for entering DTMF digits to 0. On the right side fill your operator/receptionist number into list of called number table. This number should match max and min digits settings above timeout.
How do I configure 2N® VoiceBlue Lite?
You need a special configuration tool, which you can find on our webpage. Then you need to connect this configuration tool with your gateway via TCP/IP, USB or serial cable. Please be aware that via TCP/IP it is impossible to upload a new firmware, new license key or change IP address.



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