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2N® BRI Lite
Configuration tips & tricks
How do I configure my 2N® BRI gateway?
With every gateway is supplied a CD with configuration tool for the gateway setup. The gateway is configured from PC via USB cable.
How to upload Virtual Ring Tone Message without configuration tool?
To upload Virtual Ring Tone Message you have to follow these steps:

- check your FW version. You need to have FW 2.04.16 or higher for BRI Enterprise, FW 2.05.01 or higher for BRI LITE

- There are two spaces for Virtual Ring Tone messages, because each GSM channel has its own (they of course may be the same or different)

You have to upload them now over Hyperterminal via this procedure:

- use command at!m1=erase (to delete any previous message) - use command at!m1=write - go to Transfer – Send file – choose Xmodem and select file with the Virtual Ring Tone – details of the sound file are listed below - if upload of message fails, delete the message with at!m1=erase and upload it again - to upload message for 2nd GSM channel do the same procedure, but use at!m2 commands - voice message must have the follwing characteristics:

-- codec: CCITT–Alaw, Mono, samplerate 8000, bitrate 8, 64 kbps

-- max. duration of the file = 8 sec (64 kB - to hear the Virtual Ring Tone during call setup, you have to set in the configuration tool in Gateway configuration

– GSM out. groups – enable checkbox "Send Alerting message after dial to GSM" for both GSM channels

- save the configuration to the gateway and make outgoing call to test the Virtual Ring Tone
I want my both SIM cards to be used equally, how do I achieve this?
You must set in the GSM basic parameters parameter "GSM module selection" to "SMART (by free minutes)"

In LCR table set for the prefixes from your Network List (Prefix List) option "Any Module"



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