2N® OfficeRoute
Configuration tips & tricks
How can I configure Mobility Extension on the OfficeRoute?
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How to do reset to the factory settings?
1. Switch off the device
2. Press button FRES and keep it pressed. Button is in the hole of the case, so you'll need approprate long and thin "tool" e.g. pen.
3. Switch on the device
4. After 30secs leave the button ( depress it )
5. Wait for OFR to boot.

When you finish it you'll have the default IP address. It has been till version 2.3.1. Since 2.3.1 default IP address is
I forgot the Admin password
Connect the OfficeRoute via USB cable and change the Admin password
- After connecting the USB cable to your PC, a new COM port will be installed. You can be asked for a driver (you can download it from
- Connect to the OfficeRoute by some terminal software (hyperterminal or putty) via a new virtual COM port which will appears after OfficeRoute connecting. The communication speed is 921600.
- Press Enter after connecting - the configuration will appears.


- You can change the Administrator´s password by pressing 2.



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